Jess*ca Marie-Taylor (jasmin) wrote,
Jess*ca Marie-Taylor

I really need to go to sleep right now...

I am so unbelievably exhausted.  Everyday.  And it's only day 4.  189 days left...179 if I take all my personal days ;)

Okay, so I'm being overdramatic.  It's just, it's a lot of kids.  A LOT OF KIDS.  My room isn't too big, either, and they haven't really been that under control for anyone (including enrichment teachers).  It will be a lot of drilling in routines until probably at least mid-September.  In touching news, one of my students from last year wrote about how I was her role model (aww!) and another brought me a box of sharpened pencils because she said, "I know you'll run out and you'll need them."  So true. :)  It makes me miss them but I know right now it's better they're doing their thing in upper school.

Things are okay.  Ran my race in VA Beach - that was a hot (literally) race!  Very humid, but very cool.  Am doing Philly in 2 weeks, but I haven't run at all lately.  Must do so on Saturday.

I just need to stop having headaches.  Adam and I are good.  He's been doing apps like crazy.  He should be done in about 3 weeks.  I am excited for him and even more excited to take some school visits (we are doing UM at the end of the mth, UT-A in November, and maybe Vanderbilt in October).  

Okay, sleep!  Now!  Or otherwise, my head will continue to throb.

This is so disjointed.

PS - if you're not doing anything enjoyable, watch Hole in the Wall at 9 PM on Fox.  Why?  Because randomly I know someone who is competing on it on tonight's show.

I <3 randomness.

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