Jess*ca Marie-Taylor (jasmin) wrote,
Jess*ca Marie-Taylor

Remember that time...

well, maybe Missi does, but remember that time when Ohio State lost to Northwestern and had this uber-crappy season and all we kept saying was, "You lost to Northwestern?!?!?!?!"  

Our current season status was that x 1,000,000.

I mean, Toledo?

If we wouldn't have won against Miami (OHIO!), we would have lost ALL of our non-conference games...and back when there were only 3 non-conference games, I would say this year we got lucky to have won any.

In other news, life is going all right.  We're almost to the end of Term 1, and Adam is sending out law school apps like it is his job.  Thus far, Fordham, Vandy, UT-A, and GTown are done.  12 more to go! (No, I'm not kidding)  I don't really have a favorite (Cough, Michigan, Cough!) but I really need to think about the other options.  I mean, it's so hard to get into a good law school....keep your fingers crossed for somewhere good (AKA NOT DC / LA!)

As a matter of fact, I need to review his UCLA app, so I'm going to go (and also enjoy the rest of the Cards/Cowboys game, which is absolutely ridiculous).  PS - The Lions got screwed today.  I mean, it is the Lions, but really, this game was theirs and that is just unfortunate.

I do have work tomorrow, and really, I need to get going on that after I'm done proofreading Adam's stuff.

Oh!  And DH (Desperate Housewives) has been awesome this season! :)  I'm so glad it's been back on track as of late!



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