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Jess*ca Marie-Taylor

Back from State College...

And although I did not expect anything (why should I?), I hate when I am given a glimmer of hope from our offense (or defense).  The first 20 or so minutes of the PSU/UM game was amazing.  That stadium (Beaver) is LOUD, and to hear it go silent is pretty awesome.  It almost became a "here we go again" for PSU...

Until their game woke up and we remembered that we haven't been able to put together a complete game once this season.


The Lions are kind of doing that to my heart right at this moment - two beautiful, under 30 second drives that resulted in TDs, especially a BOMB to CJ, and now Houston is draining the clock.  Sadness.

I did enjoy my time @ PSU, though.  For the most part, the fans weren't too bad.  Some of them were.  At first, I told myself I might root for OSU because people were being such jerkfaces.  Then I thought to myself, "Really, this win will mean nothing to them unless they can run the table (which they are capable of doing) and it would be funnier if they actually remained #3 for the rest of the year and just got left out of the Nat'l Title Mix."

But that was just me being bitter.  I'm over it now, but I was really amused with myself for awhile.

It's just depressing when I wait for this time of year all year and I'm disappointed with both of my teams.  The Lions haven't had this poor of a start in awhile (even though they are never really on the map), and although last year was embarrassing at moments for UMich, this one is full of bad and/or blowout losses.

I can't believe I have to wait another 10 months before things seem good again (fingers crossed).

In positive news, this is maybe the best time of year for Adam's & my relationship (not that it's been bad or anything), and I'm impressed we're getting through it. :)

9 minutes left, we managed to get the ball back. COME ON LEOS!!!  I WANT TO SMILE FOR ONCE ABOUT FOOTBALL!


PS - Next weekend I'm home for MSU...after that, I'm going to Texas in November.  I have been home for 2 weekends in the last 2 months.  Hopefully, November & December will provide some slowdowns.

PPS - I am so excited that I'm going to see HANSON tomorrow!  I haven't been to a Hanson concert since I was like, 17.  I could care less who knows!!! :)

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