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Fun Weekend!

this weekend has been quite enjoyable...

Went to see the Nets take on the Stones, and though the Stones lost on Friday night, it was fun to a) see Iverson's debut and b) sit 6th row, courtside at the game!  We felt very VIP, espec. when we were given gifts by the accounts manager (who arranged the seats for us :)).  

Liz flew in yesterday and already is back in DET, but we did have time to catch a B'Way Show (The Little Mermaid) and have Orchestra seats for a very decent price!  Plus we were in the middle (not the side), and only about 13 rows back.  It was a cute show and there was some great music.  I would recommend it, but probably not see it again myself.

And Michigan Won!  I know, it sounds dumb to get excited as we're still what, 3-7, but hey, a win's a win at this point!  We keep the little brown jug, we're 12-0 at the metrodome (and next year the gophers move to their new location...There's much celebration to be had!

PS - Leos are losing (of course) 38-14, but at least they scored a 2nd TD.  CJ just recovered an onside kick, so I'm glad the Leos are still trying to pull out a win.

We leave for Texas on Thursday.  I'm pretty excited about it, though I'm not really ready to run.  It will be fun to go somewhere different.   We leave at 6:45 so we're going to have to book it out of there.  I'll be sure to check in from school and have a car waiting for me at 4:20.  I mean, I can't imagine there being a better option!  We have a super early flight on Monday morning that will put us back here by 1:30.  We're spending Friday in Austin and the other 2 days in S.A.  It ought to be interesting!

I also had parent-teacher conferences last week, and for the most part, they went well.  I had 17 out of 21, with one phone conference on Monday and the other 3 in need of rescheduling. 

Thanxgiving is right around the corner if you can believe it!  December is closing in, too, which just means a lot more going on!  I'll try to keep you posted, but it's hard when I'm out of state 1/2 the time (I enjoy it, though :)).

Until next time,


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