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Lots has happened...

since my last public post!

Sorry to those who read and then I go and put the lock on it!

In brief:

I really liked Texas
- I didn't get a hat
- I ran a pretty good race, but messed up my left foot
- I have now realized that my recently purchased running shoes (that I had worn before then!) are the culprit, because when I wear the old running shoes, the pain is non-existent.
- bummer on that.  that means I need another pair of new running shoes.
- however, I should have known that they would be no good as they were the colors of the OSU Buckeyes (I tried to avoid it, but the other choice was lime green...i mean, really?  how many people own lime green shoes?)
- i'm trying to decide if i want them before disney.  maybe not.
- Disney is in a little more than a month - YIKES!

Thanksgiving was a blast.
- I went and saw SHREK! THE MUSICAL with my parents + Adam
- I shared the holiday with great friends (Claire, Claire's sister, & Leah)
- The food was great
- We played some serious Euchre (I miss that game)
- Watched a lot of "Housewives from Atlanta" (how do you spell cat?  "Kat.")
- Went to see the Macy*s Parade, and Spongebob did not attack us this year.
- However, Rick Astley did by rickrolling everyone, a term Claire and I had not heard about (which actually is a real shocker!)
- And of course, the Lions kept the tradition going by a lot.

This weekend has been wild.
- Friday I stayed at school way too late (but got a lot done in my eyes)
- Yesterday I had to set up stuff at school for the Winter Dinner, had lunch w/ Sarah, came home and did some working out while making brownies, and then ran 4 miles at the park
- Afterwards, I went to meet Adam & his friends to watch Florida stun Bama
- And learned about how UMich dominated Duke
- when finally we came home and just relaxed

Today I am going to have brunch w/ some relatives in town, and then, if there is time, I'm going to go get a mani/pedi at Pastel's.  From there, I'm going to go meet Staci & her fiance because we are going to go see Equus (yes, this is the play with a naked Daniel Radcliffe), and then come home and do tons of work.

No, I will not be seeing the stones today vs. the Knicks, but I did see them like a month ago courtside, and with John and Jacki coming next weekend (YAY!), I wanted to restrict the cashflow a little bit (not like I'm still acting like Spendy McMoneyBags as it is...)

Until next time,
- J

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