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there are effects to running a marathon without training properly...

your immune system shuts down and you GET SICK!

I am sure coming back from 80 degree weather to the freezing freezing cold of NYC (I know, I know, it's nothing compared to MI) did not help either...

Or the stress of the state exam...

Or the constant 12 hour days and no recouping time...

The plane ride back the night of the race...

I think I covered everything :)

I've decided to put myself on hiatus this weekend.  I haven't been out of my bed much.  Adam worked out today and took the dogs out - good for him!  I don't want to go anywhere until I feel 110%.  I need to be able to get through almost 3 months before I have another week off for vacation.  I have some mini-breaks here & there, but I don't want to spend them trying to get healthy again.

I don't think I'm going to race again until April, but I do need to start booking that trip soon.  So much going on currently, not sure how to organize...Hopefully I'll get some stuff done tomorrow.
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