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AHH! Delaware is next weekend! And dissecting M-A-R-C-H

This month is kind of flying, I'm not going to lie.  We're technically already 1/4 of the way through, and it's going to be nothing but hectic from here on out!

Some happenings:

March 7- 8: Running / Hanging out w/ C
March 9: Read Across America @ school (a week late, but we had a snow day last Monday)
March 10: Meeting
March 11: In the Heights! w/ colleagues
March 14 - 15: Delaware!  1/2 Marathon on Sunday!
March 18: Report Cards due
March 19: Billy Elliot with Colleague (? Not official yet)
March 20: End of Term 1/2 Day
March 21 - March 29: Term Break
March 24: Guys & Dolls w/ C
March 26 - 29: In Michigan / spending time w/ many friends
March 28: East Michigan Teacher Career Fair
March 30: My birthday!

Life is seriously crazytown. And in April, there's another race, field trips will actually start happening, and just more madness.

I need to find a job.  That is my big priority at this point and time.  I should see which school I've secured an interview with on March 13.  I'm also looking at remote positions.

We should be hopefully finalizing our potential apt. at the end of this month.  Parents are currently in FL, but they will be back in MI by March 11 to check things out. 

Ok, I have many things to get done today, including running, because I am running 13.1 next weekend and knocking off state 7!  Wish me luck!

PS - Steve, I don't know if seeing you became impossible, but if it's not let me know :)
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