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Wow, time is flying. Adam is leaving in less than a month, we're going on our last race trip together (which is Nashville), and then soon I'm going to be alone.


That also means the dogs are packing up and moving - I'm definitely bummed about that, too.  It's just going to be lonely for awhile.

I'll have to go see a lot of shows to cheer me up. :)

At the same time, we get to go to Nashville!  How fun!  My parents are coming, my dad is going to be running too, and I will have State Ocho out of the way.

I still have my sights on Denver as Lucky #9.  That will be in June.  Another awesome city I've never clearly been to.

Work is stressing me out (as always ;)), but I'm taking it in stride.  I need to get my progress reports done, which are due on Wed.  I can't believe they're already due! This term flies, though, as the kids get another vacation May 14 (which is also less than a month away!).  

We saw Observe & Report today.  AWFUL.  I do not recommend, it is very disjointed.

Still on the job hunt.  I want it to end soon; at the same time, I know I'm battling for a job w/ tons of exceptional applicants who are also looking for work.  Did you know that Detroit has an unemployment rate of 18.6%?!  The state is at like, 12.6%, but wow.  Just, wow.

All right, on that note, I'm going to take a nap, and then go running, because, if you hadn't read, NASHVILLE IS A WEEK FROM TODAY!, and it's gorgeous outside.


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