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Adam Moves In 2 Weeks...

Wow, scary, huh?

I am moving Adam to Michigan on May 17 (which is actually in less than 2 weeks, but I think 2 weeks makes me feel better) and I can't believe it is finally happening.  I am excited for him (and the dogs, which get to go with), but I'm disappointed because I know I'll be super lonely during June / July (Sarah leaves at the end of May to give birth, so I'll be teaching 4th grade w/o her; and my Academic Director leaves at the end of June for her leadership academy!).  The girls are coming at the beginning of July, I'm still *hoping* to go to Denver in June (I'm waiting to hear from Lucky) and although I will be doing a lot of last hurrahs with Claire, there will still be a lot of dead time.

So in good, happy news:

While in MI, we're going to go see the Tigers play!
The day I come back, I am having dinner and seeing a show w/ Matt!
The following day, I should be seeing a show w/ a colleague (Patrick)
And Most Importantly, JUNE 7 I AM GOING TO THE TONY AWARDS W/ C!

That i am clearly most excited about.

There are many more adventures to be had!  C and I are going to start w/ something this weekend, though I don't know what...

In bummer news, finding a job is hard given the state of the economy.  I am hoping that I will find a job opening very soon, but I need to start realistically thinking about Plan B (I don't know what that is yet), in terms of a job and potentially, a location.  I would hope to move to Chicago instead of stay here, although I see the pros to being here...however, Chicago would put me closer, and I could come back a lot more frequently where everyone is.  It would probably make long-distance relationships seem a little less daunting :-P

*SIGH.*  Hopefully it really won't come to figuring out if I need to stay here or go to Chicago, but I'm trying to put things in perspective...

Again, in Happy News:


Mmm...Mexican food.

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