Jess*ca Marie-Taylor (jasmin) wrote,
Jess*ca Marie-Taylor

Adam is gone...Randomness resumes

So I've been back in the city for a number of days without Adam & the dogs and I've been having a lot of fun!

I've gone to see 2 shows with some friends, been running, and just enjoying life as it comes for the most part.  However, work restarts in 2 days, and that part is not as pleasant, to be honest. (More because I'm just enjoying myself so darn much!)  We'll see how life feels when that comes back into the cards.  Right now, I've really just been free to do as I please.

I knocked out CO as state 9, but I picked up CT instead at the end of June.  I need to register ASAP so that way I can run it (it's a much smaller race), but I can get there by train and leave the same day, which is pretty awesome.  It may be the cheapest race yet (OK, NY tech. wins that title).

I'm going to hang out w/ C tonight as we're going to an improv show that was originated by Amy Poehler (she was in it the last time we saw it - I'm not sure if that's changed since she has gotten her own sitcom).

The Tony Awards are 2 weeks from today.  Time is flying!  They announced NPH as the host, which is super-exciting.

I hope that the next 2 months only bring forth more happiness and randomness.  I am going to miss this city.  A lot.


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