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So I rocked my run today. I did under 10 min miles and I ran 7 of them.  I was very happy :)

Last weekend, I ran 10:30 min miles, and it was 6 miles.  So I have an even bigger reason to be happy. :)

Things are going well.  I'm just taking in every day, one B'Way Show at a time.  I was unable to catch any this weekend (though I tried :)); however, we're aiming to see Billy Elliot on Tuesday.  I am also seeing Tinted Windows on Wednesday, and Friday is a super-secret-C&J mission (which cannot be disclosed at this time), which means I took Friday off.

Hooray 4 day work week!

This week is actually pretty great, because on Mon. & Thurs., it means that I have runs scheduled.  Of course I have one scheduled next Saturday.  It's my last long run before CT, which is the following weekend.  Then, Mechelle comes the weekend after, w/ the rest of the girls following the weekend AFTER!  After that, I just have Tigers/Yanks the following weekend (wohoo!) and then Dad's here to help me move.

It's creeping up.  For real.

I've also been committing to a lot of shows.  I am seeing The Wiz w/ C on the 23rd, Next to Normal with Patrick on the 29th, and 9 to 5 w/ Mechelle sometime over 4th of July weekend.  I will be seeing a show w/ the girls (though probably not a new one) and still have to squeeze in WSSRock of Ages before I leave.  I mean, 6 more shows in about 6 weeks is pretty ambitious, no?

The school year is also coming to a close, but I'm okay with that part ;)  Granted, it doesn't end for another 5 weeks.  Yes, 5.  Ending date - July 22.  Last day of work - July 24.  Dad shows up on the 26th, we're going to the top of the crown in the Statue of Liberty the 28th, and we're going to catch a Mets game that week.

I am in my "Goodbye, NYC" phase, and I must admit, although I'm busy as can be, I am going to miss this city so much.  In 5 years, it has given me so much.  Sad, sad, sad.

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