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An Amazingly Random Rest of the Week

This week has been incredible!

On Wed., C & I went to see Tinted Windows at the Highline Ballroom, a small venue.  The crowd was about 4 people deep, and we were in the center, so we had a good spot (Doors opened at 7, TW came on at 10).

The opening act, Laxley, was actually pretty good. The guys had some great hair.  The one thing that creeped me out a little bit was that the lead guy kept sharing mics with others while singing; though that is okay, it looked a little was just weird overall.

Afterwards, TW came on and their set rocked.  They pretty much played everything on their CD (and some not on the album song that has made rounds on the net?  I think it was called "So What"), because, as Taylor put it, "We don't have a lot of songs."  That and they've only played about 15 shows (also admitted by Taylor)...

Speaking of Taylor, because he would clearly be the center of attention in this post, he is so awkward.  Appearance-wise & with words.  He wore this random tiger shirt (that Adam Schlesinger admitted was not available for purchase anywhere) and white pants (as C said, it seems like everytime she sees him that's what he wears, so she wasn't surprised).  His hair was overly poofy and he was wearing an ascot.  The ascot quickly came off within 2-3 songs and his hair calmed down from the sweat. He would try and ad lib with clever lines (which he used to do w/ Hanson, too), which was just incredibly awkward and felt rehearsed.  If he didn't know what to say, his typical response was, "Woo!"  He did some dancing, and repeatedly put his tambourine (I think they must make him hold that to avoid more awkwardness) between his legs to readjust the mic and stuff...I know I've used awkward a lot, but I really can't think of a better word.

Iha, Schlesinger, and Carlos had no problem w/ Taylor and his awkward speeches, as they rarely said anything (I think Schlesinger may have introduced Taylor).  Schlesinger was dressed as though he was attending a PTA meeting, tie and all.  And Taylor referred to Bun E. Carlos as "Bun E. F___ing Carlos" which was just awkward because I'm pretty sure I've never seen him perform where he randomly curses.  It's obvious he wanted to think he was quite rock n roll...which is just hilarious.

My favorites from the show were the obvious - "Messing With My Head," "Without Love," and "Can't Get A Read On You."   I still hate "Cha Cha," which was funny because Taylor introduced it as a classic, old school favorite sound and one of his favorites.

Probably the most exciting part of the show was when 2 girls behind us started getting into a drunken altercation.  One girl was trying to punch another because she wanted to get closer to Taylor(!), so she started to like, put her hands in her face.  They pushed each other and ran into Claire, who in turn ran into the people in front of us, who were none to pleased but let it go once they noticed the crazy girl.  She had actually already been removed from the area once because she was acting in a drunken rage, but this time she came back fighting!

After the show, C & I decided to stay by the door.  The other 3 got out pretty quickly, but Taylor seemed to be a little divaish.  He came out in white framed sunglasses, ascot reworn, some random red shirt, and of course, the white pants.  He had a small entourage of people, including 3 men with amazingly large hair. 

We were standing right about 15 feet away from the dor.  Most of the girls happened to be about 100 feet away at a different door, so Claire made me make my move (as he saw them on the other end of the street and was like, "Let's go the other way.").  I was very nervous, and just said, "Excuse me, Taylor? Before the mob attacks you, and I apologize when they do, could we get a picture?"  And he was like, "Sure.  But let's walk." (At this point, there were more girls arriving)  Claire, in a state of awesomeness, jumped in front of us as we were walking and took a picture.  Taylor was just talking with us (and a creepy groupie who was now on the other side), but he seemed fairly overwhelmed and kind of just annoyed by the whole thing (not me necessarily, just everything).  The other girl was trying to get C to take a picture, but said she did not want a "moving one."  I said, "Well, I didn't want a 'moving one,' either" and Taylor was like, "Well, I'm going to keep moving."

So the picture is hilarious as I'm smiling, he's walking, looking like a store mannequin, and it's just all funny.  I thanked him at the corner and as he turned to go, saying he rocked it, and he said thanks and good night.  Then, C & I turned away as the crowd (it really wasn't more than probably 20 people) kept following him.

I mean, I think I did well and wasn't obnoxious.  C says he probably respected the fact that I left him alone.  However, I did not really understand why he couldn't take pictures w/ the 20 people who were there.  I mean, this wasn't like when he was in Hanson - not even close.  And at the same time, he's not "as big" as he was then (not that he wants that), but I bet he could have handled it slightly better or more politely, as he doesn't really tour as often and should keep securing the people who buy his music.

*Sigh.*  I don't really understand celebrity.  To an extent, I totally don't blame him, but it was a small group, so I feel like, don't bite the hand that feeds

So a little bit of my dream was shattered about the type of person he was ;), although everyone reminds me that I probably knew all along that he was a little bit of a diva.

Thursday was just a crazy day.  I ran around A LOT and did not get home until about 11.  Every night this week has been a late night, w/o me sleeping until about midnight/1.  That isn't good for me in general, as I usually get 8 hours a night.  One of my students even commented that I was "breaking out" (Thanks!) and I just said that I was stressed out (which was totally true).  

So now that Friday is done, I can admit that I may have had VIP Today Shows for the Jonas Brothers w/ C (courtesy of another friend :)).  So, I like JB, but I'm in no way a huge fan.  I was more interested in getting an autograph that I could give to one deserving student at the end of the year and a picture (similar to when we did this w/ BSB).  I mean, when am I ever going to have opportunities like this again? (Answer - Not any time soon).

We got there at 5:45 (we had to be there by 6 to secure our passes) and it was already super crowded (in the VIP section, that is).  It was also just crowded in general.  The boys came out and did a sound check, but didn't really interact w/ the fans, which to me was a bad sign (BSB came around and greeted fans after the sound check, taking pictures and signing autographs).  However, in their defense, they did spend a lot of time w/ a meet n greet inside with I'm guessing people who won radio contests and the like (you could see it through the window).  VIP secures you a spot in that front box by the stage on TV, really ;), which is kind of sad for the fan that gets there on Wednesday because they're still in a barricade further back than the VIPs.

They did walk by us twice (C & I strategically placed ourselves by the barricade), so they got within 6 feet of us, but never closer.  I took a couple photos that are really bad, one with Kevin moving so fast it's a blur, but it's really just his head.  They performed their 4 songs and then were out.  I did like "World War III," which is from their new album.  I also really like that song w/ Miley Cyrus, "Before the Storm."  I sound like such a nerd right now.  I definitely had that moment of realizing how young the boys were seeing Joe somewhat up close - I mean, I knew they were young, but seeing him just really made it hit home for me ;).  C & I both agreed that Nick is actually the best looking, which is creepy coming from someone our age (and given that he's my students' and Miley Cyrus's love interest?  I mean, that puts the creepiness into perspective).  We were actually on Wed. talking about who would surround Nick in a group similar to Tinted Windows in 10 years.  Our vote is someone from Fall Out Boy.

The real entertainment came from the audience.  The people watching was amazing, and a man, who was about 30 and clearly by himself, was wearing a sign that said, "You were worth the rain!" which was unsettling.  Most of the signs were clever and unique, and we didn't see a lot of repeats.  We did enjoy "Nick J is off the chain,"  "I love the Jonas Brothers, but I love my daddy better," Niley followed by the words, "I'm not bitter", and ones with personal drawings of the different members. 

This family of 4 (2 girls and their parents) were in front of us, and the girl (about 17), I thought was about to have a panic attack, and wanted to leave.  Her parents kept pushing her back, saying things like, "You can't leave!  It will pass!" (It is true that once you leave, you can't get back in the barricade)  They gave her a bag and kept trying to get her to stay there, miserable, because they clearly did not want to leave!!!!  I mean, really?!  Isn't this for your daughter? 

She actually got nauseous and thought she was going to vomit, and finally, she convinced her mom to leave with her.  However, the mom eventually convinced the dad to go so she could stay w/ the other daughter.  It was pretty amazing, because she kept murmuring, "No one is as upset as my daughter."  I have a feeling that if she was sick, she would have felt worse.

The mom was also pretty rude to her other daughter, who was younger - "You need to get down! I can't take pictures!  You're in the way!" I mean, let her enjoy it.  You can look at a picture any time.  I was trying for pictures, but honestly, after the Kevin shot, I was like, who cares.  This is a waste of time.

There was also an altercation between moms in the barricade behind us, getting in each other's faces and hands waving.  Someone from security had to break them up.  I don't know what's going on with C & I witnessing violence as of late (did I ever mention that time we saw these men hijack a car in the middle of chelsea, guns waving?!), but we were laughing hysterically. 

Lesson learned:  Moms are the most dangerous of the JoBros fans.

We saw some good crying, but the screaming was out of control.  This one girl felt the need to scream out "Joe" (or just scream) every 2 seconds, although he was a good 50 feet away at the time (and indoors when we were outdoors).  In doing so, she would jump and often hit my arm.  I was glad when she walked away.  It was also sad to see how much Kevin was the "Isaac" or as Claire would put it, the "Danny Stone" of JB.  NO ONE was shouting his name - it was mostly Joe and a few Nicks.  At the end, someone yelled for Kevin, and Claire says, "Now you call for him!"  We probably should have been calling for him, as he was closest to our age!

So not successful in my mission, but C & I enjoyed ourselves, and we had a nice brunch after it was all said and done.  At the end of the day, having fun, random adventures before I ship out is what's most important - more important than anything else, actually :)

I spent the rest of today sleeping, and though it could have been a more productive day, I needed my sleep.

Now, I'm going to go watch the Golden Girls DVDs I purchased (It was buy 2, get the 3rd free, so I got seasons 4-6) and relax.  I have a 9 AM run tomorrow, and I think I'm going to get a mani/pedi among other things.

I hope you enjoyed my adventures as much as I did :)  I have no regrets from this week at all, as I lived it up!

- J

PS - Just getting these cuts to work was a big deal, but I will get up pictures before the weekend is through!

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