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Movements In My Ongoing Process of Life Discovery...

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Tuesday, September 1st, 2009
5:57 pm - I found a teaching job!
In Michigan!

With benefits!

And it's a really cool school!

Hooray :)

I'm about 20-25 minutes away from my school, which is in a neighboring, slightly more rural town.  I am teaching 3rd grade, was interviewed yesterday, and hired that afternoon.  Because I started yesterday, the pay and the benefits start on-time!

I am extremely overwhelmed right now, but I definitely feel blessed.  August was a hot mess for me, and I'm really elated that some things are going right. :) I have only evenings to go to my room (as I'm in PD during the day), and I'm out Friday due to my trip to Cali.  Lots more to come.


current mood: relieved
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Monday, June 22nd, 2009
9:42 pm - Standing Out In The Rain, Knowing That It's Really Over...
Please don't leave me, New York!

Okay, so I changed the last line in that song, but I definitely felt this song today.  Today, the 22nd of June, marks exactly 5 years ago when I came here, and I was listening to this song in Central Park waiting for my run to begin when it hit me (and it was, in fact, about to rain...the song is entitled, "Before the Storm."  Oh the irony).  

I haven't the last couple of years (at least not to the date), but I did want to take a minute to reflect (even though I have been with every entry!) about what NYC has brought me this year - a lot of amazing things.

I have run so many 1/2 marathons in the last year.  5 1/2s and 1 full (my first!) since June 22 - my next one is Sunday!  I have been to a ton more shows, and even the Tony Awards!  I have met Taylor Hanson (although that happened just under the deadline), have found out I was moving away from my fair city, and have reminded myself in the last 3-4 weeks how self-sufficient I really am. I needed that, honestly.  I had forgotten how well I could do on my own, and with just my friends.  I joined a running group, have lost weight (> 10 lbs!) .  I'm on the verge of completing my 2nd year of teaching 4th grade, and really now working on getting the hang of what it is I want out of life.  Most importantly, I am enjoying time with friends here (trying not to think about how it's all going to end), and remembering all of the randomness that caused me to fall in love with this city in the first place.

Relationships are changing, life is changing, and I'm trying to prepare myself for that change.  I know I can do it, and though right now it seems hard, I know it will be okay.  I'm still not sure where I am working after July 24, but I know that I'll land on my feet, as I always do.

I know that I will never forget the last 5 years. A lot of times, I get angry because I feel like I haven't done enough, that I haven't grown enough.  And then other days, I realize how far I've come.  I know that I've got a long ways to go, and if it's meant to be, NYC, I'll be back permanently in 3 more years...And if that doesn't work, well, you know I'll visit, because I can't live w/o my Broadway shows. :)

Love. Love. Love You.

PS- I totally don't blame people for ignoring my "I <3 NY'" entries for the next month...I'll try and keep it to a minimum - promise!

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Friday, June 19th, 2009
7:40 pm - An Amazingly Random Rest of the Week
This week has been incredible!

Tinted Windows WednesdayCollapse )

Thursday was just a crazy day.  I ran around A LOT and did not get home until about 11.  Every night this week has been a late night, w/o me sleeping until about midnight/1.  That isn't good for me in general, as I usually get 8 hours a night.  One of my students even commented that I was "breaking out" (Thanks!) and I just said that I was stressed out (which was totally true).  

Friday FunCollapse )

I spent the rest of today sleeping, and though it could have been a more productive day, I needed my sleep.

Now, I'm going to go watch the Golden Girls DVDs I purchased (It was buy 2, get the 3rd free, so I got seasons 4-6) and relax.  I have a 9 AM run tomorrow, and I think I'm going to get a mani/pedi among other things.

I hope you enjoyed my adventures as much as I did :)  I have no regrets from this week at all, as I lived it up!

- J

PS - Just getting these cuts to work was a big deal, but I will get up pictures before the weekend is through!

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Tuesday, June 16th, 2009
11:03 pm - The Ideal Day...
After work, we sprinted up to Manhattan to rush for Billy Elliot - and there were no tickets to be had.

Me: "Why don't we rush for Rock of Ages?"

So we put our names in for the lottery (to those unfamiliar - the lottery is done 2 hrs before the show and about 10-12 names are drawn; if it is your name, you win one or two tickets, depending what you wrote on your slip, that tend to be front row/slightly obstructed/box seats for $26!) and my name was called!  It's always so excited when your name IS called, because there are a lot of people there usually, and it doesn't have to be you who wins, you know?!  I'm on a hot streak. This is like the 3rd time w/in the last couple of weeks!

Anyway, we decide to grab dinner at Empanada Mama (mmm) and get that awesome table right by the full window so that we can people watch.  We make happy hour by 5 minutes and sip on frozen margaritas!

Then we get to catch a show which was full of randomness, fabulous songs from the 80s, and confetti (because what is a show without confetti?!).  I rode the train home in absolute happiness, just thinking about what a perfect day it had been (even the kids were well-behaved!) and eager to experience tomorrow, which will seriously only prove to be just as fun as C & I are seeing Tinted Windows.

New York, I will miss you.  So Much.

- J

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Sunday, June 14th, 2009
4:48 pm - Sunday
So I rocked my run today. I did under 10 min miles and I ran 7 of them.  I was very happy :)

Last weekend, I ran 10:30 min miles, and it was 6 miles.  So I have an even bigger reason to be happy. :)

Things are going well.  I'm just taking in every day, one B'Way Show at a time.  I was unable to catch any this weekend (though I tried :)); however, we're aiming to see Billy Elliot on Tuesday.  I am also seeing Tinted Windows on Wednesday, and Friday is a super-secret-C&J mission (which cannot be disclosed at this time), which means I took Friday off.

Hooray 4 day work week!

This week is actually pretty great, because on Mon. & Thurs., it means that I have runs scheduled.  Of course I have one scheduled next Saturday.  It's my last long run before CT, which is the following weekend.  Then, Mechelle comes the weekend after, w/ the rest of the girls following the weekend AFTER!  After that, I just have Tigers/Yanks the following weekend (wohoo!) and then Dad's here to help me move.

It's creeping up.  For real.

I've also been committing to a lot of shows.  I am seeing The Wiz w/ C on the 23rd, Next to Normal with Patrick on the 29th, and 9 to 5 w/ Mechelle sometime over 4th of July weekend.  I will be seeing a show w/ the girls (though probably not a new one) and still have to squeeze in WSSRock of Ages before I leave.  I mean, 6 more shows in about 6 weeks is pretty ambitious, no?

The school year is also coming to a close, but I'm okay with that part ;)  Granted, it doesn't end for another 5 weeks.  Yes, 5.  Ending date - July 22.  Last day of work - July 24.  Dad shows up on the 26th, we're going to the top of the crown in the Statue of Liberty the 28th, and we're going to catch a Mets game that week.

I am in my "Goodbye, NYC" phase, and I must admit, although I'm busy as can be, I am going to miss this city so much.  In 5 years, it has given me so much.  Sad, sad, sad.

Until Next Time,

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Sunday, May 24th, 2009
11:14 am - Adam is gone...Randomness resumes
So I've been back in the city for a number of days without Adam & the dogs and I've been having a lot of fun!

I've gone to see 2 shows with some friends, been running, and just enjoying life as it comes for the most part.  However, work restarts in 2 days, and that part is not as pleasant, to be honest. (More because I'm just enjoying myself so darn much!)  We'll see how life feels when that comes back into the cards.  Right now, I've really just been free to do as I please.

I knocked out CO as state 9, but I picked up CT instead at the end of June.  I need to register ASAP so that way I can run it (it's a much smaller race), but I can get there by train and leave the same day, which is pretty awesome.  It may be the cheapest race yet (OK, NY tech. wins that title).

I'm going to hang out w/ C tonight as we're going to an improv show that was originated by Amy Poehler (she was in it the last time we saw it - I'm not sure if that's changed since she has gotten her own sitcom).

The Tony Awards are 2 weeks from today.  Time is flying!  They announced NPH as the host, which is super-exciting.

I hope that the next 2 months only bring forth more happiness and randomness.  I am going to miss this city.  A lot.


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Tuesday, May 5th, 2009
7:40 pm - Adam Moves In 2 Weeks...
Wow, scary, huh?

I am moving Adam to Michigan on May 17 (which is actually in less than 2 weeks, but I think 2 weeks makes me feel better) and I can't believe it is finally happening.  I am excited for him (and the dogs, which get to go with), but I'm disappointed because I know I'll be super lonely during June / July (Sarah leaves at the end of May to give birth, so I'll be teaching 4th grade w/o her; and my Academic Director leaves at the end of June for her leadership academy!).  The girls are coming at the beginning of July, I'm still *hoping* to go to Denver in June (I'm waiting to hear from Lucky) and although I will be doing a lot of last hurrahs with Claire, there will still be a lot of dead time.

So in good, happy news:

While in MI, we're going to go see the Tigers play!
The day I come back, I am having dinner and seeing a show w/ Matt!
The following day, I should be seeing a show w/ a colleague (Patrick)
And Most Importantly, JUNE 7 I AM GOING TO THE TONY AWARDS W/ C!

That i am clearly most excited about.

There are many more adventures to be had!  C and I are going to start w/ something this weekend, though I don't know what...

In bummer news, finding a job is hard given the state of the economy.  I am hoping that I will find a job opening very soon, but I need to start realistically thinking about Plan B (I don't know what that is yet), in terms of a job and potentially, a location.  I would hope to move to Chicago instead of stay here, although I see the pros to being here...however, Chicago would put me closer, and I could come back a lot more frequently where everyone is.  It would probably make long-distance relationships seem a little less daunting :-P

*SIGH.*  Hopefully it really won't come to figuring out if I need to stay here or go to Chicago, but I'm trying to put things in perspective...

Again, in Happy News:


Mmm...Mexican food.

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Saturday, April 18th, 2009
Wow, time is flying. Adam is leaving in less than a month, we're going on our last race trip together (which is Nashville), and then soon I'm going to be alone.


That also means the dogs are packing up and moving - I'm definitely bummed about that, too.  It's just going to be lonely for awhile.

I'll have to go see a lot of shows to cheer me up. :)

At the same time, we get to go to Nashville!  How fun!  My parents are coming, my dad is going to be running too, and I will have State Ocho out of the way.

I still have my sights on Denver as Lucky #9.  That will be in June.  Another awesome city I've never clearly been to.

Work is stressing me out (as always ;)), but I'm taking it in stride.  I need to get my progress reports done, which are due on Wed.  I can't believe they're already due! This term flies, though, as the kids get another vacation May 14 (which is also less than a month away!).  

We saw Observe & Report today.  AWFUL.  I do not recommend, it is very disjointed.

Still on the job hunt.  I want it to end soon; at the same time, I know I'm battling for a job w/ tons of exceptional applicants who are also looking for work.  Did you know that Detroit has an unemployment rate of 18.6%?!  The state is at like, 12.6%, but wow.  Just, wow.

All right, on that note, I'm going to take a nap, and then go running, because, if you hadn't read, NASHVILLE IS A WEEK FROM TODAY!, and it's gorgeous outside.


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Sunday, March 22nd, 2009
9:00 pm - Looking Towards APRIL.
it's hard to believe March is almost over, and of course, i always think of today as a celebration of life (for those of you unaware, 19 years ago Andrew was diagnosed w/ cancer on this day).

Big events coming up:
March 26 - 29: In MI
March 28: Interviews w/ 4 schools
March 30: Back to work / my birthday
March 31 - April 3: P/T Conferences

Other big April happenings:
April 23 - April 26: Nashville
April 25: Country Music 1/2 Marathon

I've been trying to kick a yucky infection, and we're really attacking it w/ a lot of antibiotics...I'm worried it's not working that well, though, so I'm going to call my doc tomorrow - instead, I've been getting recurring headaches, and I hope that does not mean things have spread...I can't imagine so, I'm taking 6 pills (3,000 mg!) a DAY!

DE was all right - I finished in 2:30; I would have liked it to go better, but the course was HARD!  A lot of hills, a lot of up and down, and it was rainy & 40 degrees.

Nashville will be better (nods).  I would hope to get my time at least to 2:25...and 2:20 by Denver (June).

That's all for now - have a lovely evening :)

- J

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Saturday, March 7th, 2009
11:41 am - AHH! Delaware is next weekend! And dissecting M-A-R-C-H
This month is kind of flying, I'm not going to lie.  We're technically already 1/4 of the way through, and it's going to be nothing but hectic from here on out!

Some happenings:

March 7- 8: Running / Hanging out w/ C
March 9: Read Across America @ school (a week late, but we had a snow day last Monday)
March 10: Meeting
March 11: In the Heights! w/ colleagues
March 14 - 15: Delaware!  1/2 Marathon on Sunday!
March 18: Report Cards due
March 19: Billy Elliot with Colleague (? Not official yet)
March 20: End of Term 1/2 Day
March 21 - March 29: Term Break
March 24: Guys & Dolls w/ C
March 26 - 29: In Michigan / spending time w/ many friends
March 28: East Michigan Teacher Career Fair
March 30: My birthday!

Life is seriously crazytown. And in April, there's another race, field trips will actually start happening, and just more madness.

I need to find a job.  That is my big priority at this point and time.  I should see which school I've secured an interview with on March 13.  I'm also looking at remote positions.

We should be hopefully finalizing our potential apt. at the end of this month.  Parents are currently in FL, but they will be back in MI by March 11 to check things out. 

Ok, I have many things to get done today, including running, because I am running 13.1 next weekend and knocking off state 7!  Wish me luck!

PS - Steve, I don't know if seeing you became impossible, but if it's not let me know :)

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Tuesday, February 17th, 2009
5:42 pm - Training for Delaware
Training for Wilmington has begun.  I bought some new running shoes and have been doing a variety of different forms of cardio / cross-training in the last 2 weeks.  I haven't found a consistent, steady plan to follow yet at this time, but I'm working on it.  Delaware is March 15.

I don't feel terribly out of shape, though; actually, I'm feeling pretty good, and lost about 2 1/2 pounds last week.  I have changed my eating quite a bit by avoiding fried foods and drinking much more water.  It's not always easy either.  For example, yesterday, Adam got chicken tenders and fries, and though it looked delicious, I settled on a garlic herb chicken breast with broccoli and a roasted potato.  I had a fruit salad a little later.  We also went out to dinner on Sunday, and again, I skipped the fries and got a side salad, as well as grilled instead of fried chicken (I LOVE CHICKEN) in my wrap.  The little changes are making the differences, though.

I find it really hard to train, and much easier to just run the halves / full marathons in one shot.  I know that my body can't keep up with that, and I'm trying not to make it.  I just find that when I know I'm only doing 3 miles, I make time for myself to stop; however, if I know I have to run 13, I tend to run until about mile 10, and then I make the effort to stop.  I don't know why that is, but I need to get back to where I just run the 3 miles.  Granted, I didn't stop that much in mile 3...I just didn't really motivate myself to keep going.  I did finish strong though for the last 1/2 mile, but the first 1/2 of the mile was weak.

*SIGH.*  I go back to work tomorrow.  That will be nice.  Although I like the day to myself, I do get bored.  Plus, there's a lot to be done before the state math test March 3 (EEK!).  My kids should be fine as long as they do not make careless mistakes. I'm going to have to have a talk with some of them this week (and in some cases, again).

On that note, I'm going to go shower.  I'm probably disgusting from my run.  Hope all is well where you are <3


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Saturday, January 17th, 2009
6:54 pm - there are effects to running a marathon without training properly...
your immune system shuts down and you GET SICK!

I am sure coming back from 80 degree weather to the freezing freezing cold of NYC (I know, I know, it's nothing compared to MI) did not help either...

Or the stress of the state exam...

Or the constant 12 hour days and no recouping time...

The plane ride back the night of the race...

I think I covered everything :)

I've decided to put myself on hiatus this weekend.  I haven't been out of my bed much.  Adam worked out today and took the dogs out - good for him!  I don't want to go anywhere until I feel 110%.  I need to be able to get through almost 3 months before I have another week off for vacation.  I have some mini-breaks here & there, but I don't want to spend them trying to get healthy again.

I don't think I'm going to race again until April, but I do need to start booking that trip soon.  So much going on currently, not sure how to organize...Hopefully I'll get some stuff done tomorrow.

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Monday, January 12th, 2009
6:38 pm - I have met my goal!
I have now run my 1st full marathon before my next birthday.  Yesterday I completed the Walt Disney World Marathon in Orlando, FL.


Now to keep hitting those states, but I'm going to take a brief vacay...


- J

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Sunday, December 7th, 2008
10:18 am - Lots has happened...
since my last public post!

Sorry to those who read and then I go and put the lock on it!

In brief:

I really liked Texas
- I didn't get a hat
- I ran a pretty good race, but messed up my left foot
- I have now realized that my recently purchased running shoes (that I had worn before then!) are the culprit, because when I wear the old running shoes, the pain is non-existent.
- bummer on that.  that means I need another pair of new running shoes.
- however, I should have known that they would be no good as they were the colors of the OSU Buckeyes (I tried to avoid it, but the other choice was lime green...i mean, really?  how many people own lime green shoes?)
- i'm trying to decide if i want them before disney.  maybe not.
- Disney is in a little more than a month - YIKES!

Thanksgiving was a blast.
- I went and saw SHREK! THE MUSICAL with my parents + Adam
- I shared the holiday with great friends (Claire, Claire's sister, & Leah)
- The food was great
- We played some serious Euchre (I miss that game)
- Watched a lot of "Housewives from Atlanta" (how do you spell cat?  "Kat.")
- Went to see the Macy*s Parade, and Spongebob did not attack us this year.
- However, Rick Astley did by rickrolling everyone, a term Claire and I had not heard about (which actually is a real shocker!)
- And of course, the Lions kept the tradition going by losing...by a lot.

This weekend has been wild.
- Friday I stayed at school way too late (but got a lot done in my eyes)
- Yesterday I had to set up stuff at school for the Winter Dinner, had lunch w/ Sarah, came home and did some working out while making brownies, and then ran 4 miles at the park
- Afterwards, I went to meet Adam & his friends to watch Florida stun Bama
- And learned about how UMich dominated Duke
- when finally we came home and just relaxed

Today I am going to have brunch w/ some relatives in town, and then, if there is time, I'm going to go get a mani/pedi at Pastel's.  From there, I'm going to go meet Staci & her fiance because we are going to go see Equus (yes, this is the play with a naked Daniel Radcliffe), and then come home and do tons of work.

No, I will not be seeing the stones today vs. the Knicks, but I did see them like a month ago courtside, and with John and Jacki coming next weekend (YAY!), I wanted to restrict the cashflow a little bit (not like I'm still acting like Spendy McMoneyBags as it is...)

Until next time,
- J

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Sunday, November 9th, 2008
3:36 pm - Fun Weekend!
this weekend has been quite enjoyable...

Went to see the Nets take on the Stones, and though the Stones lost on Friday night, it was fun to a) see Iverson's debut and b) sit 6th row, courtside at the game!  We felt very VIP, espec. when we were given gifts by the accounts manager (who arranged the seats for us :)).  

Liz flew in yesterday and already is back in DET, but we did have time to catch a B'Way Show (The Little Mermaid) and have Orchestra seats for a very decent price!  Plus we were in the middle (not the side), and only about 13 rows back.  It was a cute show and there was some great music.  I would recommend it, but probably not see it again myself.

And Michigan Won!  I know, it sounds dumb to get excited as we're still what, 3-7, but hey, a win's a win at this point!  We keep the little brown jug, we're 12-0 at the metrodome (and next year the gophers move to their new location...There's much celebration to be had!

PS - Leos are losing (of course) 38-14, but at least they scored a 2nd TD.  CJ just recovered an onside kick, so I'm glad the Leos are still trying to pull out a win.

We leave for Texas on Thursday.  I'm pretty excited about it, though I'm not really ready to run.  It will be fun to go somewhere different.   We leave at 6:45 so we're going to have to book it out of there.  I'll be sure to check in from school and have a car waiting for me at 4:20.  I mean, I can't imagine there being a better option!  We have a super early flight on Monday morning that will put us back here by 1:30.  We're spending Friday in Austin and the other 2 days in S.A.  It ought to be interesting!

I also had parent-teacher conferences last week, and for the most part, they went well.  I had 17 out of 21, with one phone conference on Monday and the other 3 in need of rescheduling. 

Thanxgiving is right around the corner if you can believe it!  December is closing in, too, which just means a lot more going on!  I'll try to keep you posted, but it's hard when I'm out of state 1/2 the time (I enjoy it, though :)).

Until next time,


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Thursday, October 30th, 2008
6:29 pm - Vacay coming to an end...
So our term break is just about over, and I had a good time.

I went to Michigan from Friday - Tues (the 28th), and I got to spend a lot of time with the fam and the girls.  That's always a good time.  Makes me uber-jealous they can hang out whenevs.

Have spent time with the BF and Jess (from work) since I've returned.  We've had a nice time just chilling.  Tomorrow I plan on going back up to school and getting more prepared for next week (which I am not prepared for).  Next week includes the start of a new term + parent teacher conferences.  We get a 1/2 day Friday, and more exciting, the next week I'm only around for 3 days(!) because of Veteran's Day & going to Te-jas!

The NYC Marathon is on Sunday - I plan to go root some peeps I know running it (and maybe look for Ryan Reynolds, who is running it?  Supposedly Posh Spice is too, which I think is hysterical).

UM plays P'Due on Saturday.  Just sayin'.

Texas is in 3 weekends! WOW!  I need to run more and really get ready for Disney.

I wanted to dress up for Halloween, but I'm over it.

I'm getting back into writing (with Kimba!) and that's exciting!  I hope it brings some more happiness to my life :)

Hanson was awesome, PS.

All the law apps are in - just playing the waiting game (should have some news on that by December).

Parents are coming for Thanksgiving - that's like 5 weeks away :) YAY!

I need to make Christmas arrangements.  I don't really want to leave Lilo for a week, but it may come to that.  Lame.

All right, I think that's all that's going on (at least that I can think of).

Until next time,


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Sunday, October 19th, 2008
6:35 pm - Back from State College...
And although I did not expect anything (why should I?), I hate when I am given a glimmer of hope from our offense (or defense).  The first 20 or so minutes of the PSU/UM game was amazing.  That stadium (Beaver) is LOUD, and to hear it go silent is pretty awesome.  It almost became a "here we go again" for PSU...

Until their game woke up and we remembered that we haven't been able to put together a complete game once this season.


The Lions are kind of doing that to my heart right at this moment - two beautiful, under 30 second drives that resulted in TDs, especially a BOMB to CJ, and now Houston is draining the clock.  Sadness.

I did enjoy my time @ PSU, though.  For the most part, the fans weren't too bad.  Some of them were.  At first, I told myself I might root for OSU because people were being such jerkfaces.  Then I thought to myself, "Really, this win will mean nothing to them unless they can run the table (which they are capable of doing) and it would be funnier if they actually remained #3 for the rest of the year and just got left out of the Nat'l Title Mix."

But that was just me being bitter.  I'm over it now, but I was really amused with myself for awhile.

It's just depressing when I wait for this time of year all year and I'm disappointed with both of my teams.  The Lions haven't had this poor of a start in awhile (even though they are never really on the map), and although last year was embarrassing at moments for UMich, this one is full of bad and/or blowout losses.

I can't believe I have to wait another 10 months before things seem good again (fingers crossed).

In positive news, this is maybe the best time of year for Adam's & my relationship (not that it's been bad or anything), and I'm impressed we're getting through it. :)

9 minutes left, we managed to get the ball back. COME ON LEOS!!!  I WANT TO SMILE FOR ONCE ABOUT FOOTBALL!


PS - Next weekend I'm home for MSU...after that, I'm going to Texas in November.  I have been home for 2 weekends in the last 2 months.  Hopefully, November & December will provide some slowdowns.

PPS - I am so excited that I'm going to see HANSON tomorrow!  I haven't been to a Hanson concert since I was like, 17.  I could care less who knows!!! :)

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Sunday, October 12th, 2008
7:35 pm - Remember that time...

well, maybe Missi does, but remember that time when Ohio State lost to Northwestern and had this uber-crappy season and all we kept saying was, "You lost to Northwestern?!?!?!?!"  

Our current season status was that x 1,000,000.

I mean, Toledo?

If we wouldn't have won against Miami (OHIO!), we would have lost ALL of our non-conference games...and back when there were only 3 non-conference games, I would say this year we got lucky to have won any.

In other news, life is going all right.  We're almost to the end of Term 1, and Adam is sending out law school apps like it is his job.  Thus far, Fordham, Vandy, UT-A, and GTown are done.  12 more to go! (No, I'm not kidding)  I don't really have a favorite (Cough, Michigan, Cough!) but I really need to think about the other options.  I mean, it's so hard to get into a good law school....keep your fingers crossed for somewhere good (AKA NOT DC / LA!)

As a matter of fact, I need to review his UCLA app, so I'm going to go (and also enjoy the rest of the Cards/Cowboys game, which is absolutely ridiculous).  PS - The Lions got screwed today.  I mean, it is the Lions, but really, this game was theirs and that is just unfortunate.

I do have work tomorrow, and really, I need to get going on that after I'm done proofreading Adam's stuff.

Oh!  And DH (Desperate Housewives) has been awesome this season! :)  I'm so glad it's been back on track as of late!



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Monday, September 29th, 2008
7:56 pm - catch-up...
Let's talk about the Michigan / Wisconsin game.  Yes, I was there.  And it deserves a moment of reflection.

It was ridiculous.  I had no hopes riding on this game.  I believe my words to JSchrein were, "Wisconsin is going to win.  By a lot."

And then, they didn't.

The offense should totally do the defense's laundry until Penn State weekend.  No, seriously.  When you have to play 20 minutes of a half, you deserve some sort of badge of honor.

<3 Barwis.  There is no way the defense could not have had such an impact if he wasn't around.  I truly believe that.

I have a nasty head cold.  It needs to go away.

Work is going all right.  I'm finding my way, and that's a great thing.  I ran Philly on the 21st of September (1/2 Marathon) and cut 10 minutes off my VA Beach time.  Gives me some serious hope for San Antonio (not to mention the S.A. medal is pretty awesome).

It's amazing that it's almost October.

Going home for:

Illinois (10/3 - 10/5)

MSU (10/24 - 10/28)

Going to PA for:

PSU (10/17 - 10/19)

I'm glad I'm still dedicated.  It's great to be a Michigan Wolverine. :)

The End.

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Tuesday, September 9th, 2008
7:25 pm - I really need to go to sleep right now...
I am so unbelievably exhausted.  Everyday.  And it's only day 4.  189 days left...179 if I take all my personal days ;)

Okay, so I'm being overdramatic.  It's just, it's a lot of kids.  A LOT OF KIDS.  My room isn't too big, either, and they haven't really been that under control for anyone (including enrichment teachers).  It will be a lot of drilling in routines until probably at least mid-September.  In touching news, one of my students from last year wrote about how I was her role model (aww!) and another brought me a box of sharpened pencils because she said, "I know you'll run out and you'll need them."  So true. :)  It makes me miss them but I know right now it's better they're doing their thing in upper school.

Things are okay.  Ran my race in VA Beach - that was a hot (literally) race!  Very humid, but very cool.  Am doing Philly in 2 weeks, but I haven't run at all lately.  Must do so on Saturday.

I just need to stop having headaches.  Adam and I are good.  He's been doing apps like crazy.  He should be done in about 3 weeks.  I am excited for him and even more excited to take some school visits (we are doing UM at the end of the mth, UT-A in November, and maybe Vanderbilt in October).  

Okay, sleep!  Now!  Or otherwise, my head will continue to throb.

This is so disjointed.

PS - if you're not doing anything enjoyable, watch Hole in the Wall at 9 PM on Fox.  Why?  Because randomly I know someone who is competing on it on tonight's show.

I <3 randomness.

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