Jess*ca Marie-Taylor (jasmin) wrote,
Jess*ca Marie-Taylor


Let's talk about the Michigan / Wisconsin game.  Yes, I was there.  And it deserves a moment of reflection.

It was ridiculous.  I had no hopes riding on this game.  I believe my words to JSchrein were, "Wisconsin is going to win.  By a lot."

And then, they didn't.

The offense should totally do the defense's laundry until Penn State weekend.  No, seriously.  When you have to play 20 minutes of a half, you deserve some sort of badge of honor.

<3 Barwis.  There is no way the defense could not have had such an impact if he wasn't around.  I truly believe that.

I have a nasty head cold.  It needs to go away.

Work is going all right.  I'm finding my way, and that's a great thing.  I ran Philly on the 21st of September (1/2 Marathon) and cut 10 minutes off my VA Beach time.  Gives me some serious hope for San Antonio (not to mention the S.A. medal is pretty awesome).

It's amazing that it's almost October.

Going home for:

Illinois (10/3 - 10/5)

MSU (10/24 - 10/28)

Going to PA for:

PSU (10/17 - 10/19)

I'm glad I'm still dedicated.  It's great to be a Michigan Wolverine. :)

The End.

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