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The Ideal Day...

After work, we sprinted up to Manhattan to rush for Billy Elliot - and there were no tickets to be had.

Me: "Why don't we rush for Rock of Ages?"

So we put our names in for the lottery (to those unfamiliar - the lottery is done 2 hrs before the show and about 10-12 names are drawn; if it is your name, you win one or two tickets, depending what you wrote on your slip, that tend to be front row/slightly obstructed/box seats for $26!) and my name was called!  It's always so excited when your name IS called, because there are a lot of people there usually, and it doesn't have to be you who wins, you know?!  I'm on a hot streak. This is like the 3rd time w/in the last couple of weeks!

Anyway, we decide to grab dinner at Empanada Mama (mmm) and get that awesome table right by the full window so that we can people watch.  We make happy hour by 5 minutes and sip on frozen margaritas!

Then we get to catch a show which was full of randomness, fabulous songs from the 80s, and confetti (because what is a show without confetti?!).  I rode the train home in absolute happiness, just thinking about what a perfect day it had been (even the kids were well-behaved!) and eager to experience tomorrow, which will seriously only prove to be just as fun as C & I are seeing Tinted Windows.

New York, I will miss you.  So Much.

- J

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